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Sustainability Report - 2007/2008
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Aramex Sustainability Report 2007-2008
April 19, 2010
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Aramex has been a leading actor in Sustainability activism and disclosure, publishing the first Sustainability report in 2006 in the region.  Reporting has been essential for fostering Sustainability in the company’s strategy and continually monitoring our activities and identifying new opportunities to deliver a sustainable future.

This report combines our progress in 2007 and 2008 communicating our activities and future goals for Aramex’s Sustainability strategy. The GRI has rated this report A + a significant improvement from our 2006 Sustainability report rated B+.  Aramex aims to maintain the A+ GRI rating for the upcoming 2009 report.The full report and individual sections are found below.

We look forward to hearing your feedback through the form below or by emailing our Chief Sustainability Officer Raji Hattar at

View our Complete Sustainability report 2007/2008

1. Introduction

2. Our Stakeholders

3. Our Approach to Business and Sustainability  

4. Progress against Commitments  

5. Governance

6. Management Approach  

7. Management Systems   

8. Creating Economic Value   

9. Service Excellence to Customers   

10. Our People: Human Resource Development   

11. Health, Safety, and Security  

12. Environmental Leadership 

13. Our Cities: Urban Impact 

14. Our Communities: Investment in Society 

15. Our Business Partners  

16. Catalyzing Sustainability  

17. Independent Assurance, Assurance Statement and Reporting Process 

18. GRI Index and UN Global Compact Index

 19. Appendices ( Acronyms and Glossary )


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