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Sustainability Report - Aramex Annual Report 2012
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Aramex Annual Report 2012
April 19, 2013

Now in its third edition, Aramex’s Integrated Annual Report, focuses on our financial and non-financial performance, highlighting how sustainability is embedded into the core of our business, from strategy through to execution, helping us fulfill our commitments to our people, customers, shareholders, partners, communities, and the environment. This report also includes Aramex’s Carbon Footprint Report, presenting our readers with a truly holistic review of our company’s performance. The Aramex Annual Report 2012 complies with UAE regulations and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and maintains an A+ rating, following independent assurance. In sharing this report, we hope to foster an ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders on our performance, progress, and ongoing commitments. Please share your feedback in the comments section or send an email to our Chief Sustainability Officer, Raji Hattar on 

To view the report in PDF Format, please click here


01_Foreword by Fadi Ghandour, Founder of Aramex

02_Letter from The CEO

03_Aramex Overview

04_Strategic Direction

05_Key Non-Financial Goals for 2013

06_Associations & Memberships


08_Stakeholder Engagement

09_Our People 

10_Our Customers

11_Sustainability At Aramex

   11_1_Education and Youth Empowerment


   11_3_Community Development

   11_4_Emergency Relief


   11_6_Our Environmental Commitment

12_Independent Assurance

13_Reporting Process

14_GRI+UN Global Compact Index



17_Consolidated Financial Statements


For Arabic report please click here


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