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Sustainability Report - 2009
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Aramex Sustainability Report 2009
August 29, 2010
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 “Aramex’s commitment to sustainable business practices is a reflection of our values, our corporate culture and the way we choose to conduct ourselves.”                                                                                                                           
                                                                                                           Fadi Ghandour, Founder and CEO of Aramex

In 2006, Aramex was the first company in the Middle East to release an independently audited sustainability report, with clear commitments and benchmarks to measure performance. Three years on, this 2009 report is our third exercise in holding ourselves accountable to our stakeholders for our commitments -  highlighting activities and measuring economic, environmental, and social performance against the set benchmarks. In addition to our annual report, we have created a micro-site, to give you an interactive preview of our performance for the year and to provide a forum so you can join the discussion on sustainability.

In 2009, we continued to deliver on our commitments to stakeholders – our people, communities, customers, shareholders, and in the environment – while expanding our activities and investments. Our theme in 2009 has been as the title of this report indicates “Delivering on Emerging Opportunities”, with a focus on developing human capital. To further highlight the inseparable role of sustainability in our operations and strategic direction, this will be our last stand alone sustainability report we are moving towards integrated reporting starting next year.
We would like to share this report, rated A+ by the Global Reporting Initiative and assured by a third party source, which communicates Aramex’s progress and is part of our continuing dialogue with our stakeholders.  Share your thoughts through the comment section or by sending an email to or join our Talk Back page.

View our Complete Sustainability Report 2009

Visit our Microsite

1. Introduction

2. Our Progress Against Commitments

3. Governance


4. Management Approach and Management Systems


5. Delivering Economic Value


6. Innovating Customer Excellence


7. Empowering Employees


8. Health, Safety and Security


9. Serving Our Communities


10. Preserving Our Environment


11. Independent Assurance and Reporting Process


12. Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and UN Global Compact Index


13. Appendices


Reader's Comments

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Mohammed Abdulhadi
Your Sustainability
Very impressive. You guys have been doing it for a few years now and it's about time that other organizations picks up and follow your lead. Organizations must begin to realize that their existence is not just about financial performance but also about their contribution toward the societies they exist among.

Keep up the good work. You make us proud!

Keep it up!!

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