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     Breaking Barriers to Scale for Arab Entrepreneurs  

The world needs to create 600 million jobs in the coming six years.[1] With high numbers of young people experiencing long term unemployment, it is evident, as Jim Clifton of Gallup puts it, that the ‘coming jobs war’ is for a good job. Perhaps not surprising are the staggering numbers coming out of
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     Aramex Mashreq ISO certification in 2013  

We are happy to announce that our colleagues at AMC station have recently been audited and certified against the following ISO standards
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     Aramex SA Skills Development / Corporate Social Investment Collaboration...  

Earlier this year, Aramex South Africa entered into a partnership with Rays of Hope a non-profit organization from Alexandra aiming to creating jobs opportunities for their young residents. This initiative aims at supporting individuals by providing an opportunity and educating them through leadersh
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     Delivering Aid to the communities affected by landslide in the Eastern R...  

Budada, Uganda – July 11th, 2012 – Aramex Uganda partnered with Uganda Speaks to deliver urgent supplies and aid donated to the communities devastated by the Landslide which has hit parts of the Budada-Bushika district in the eastern region of Uganda.
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     Tanzania Sustainability activities  

nternship Program Together with the International Youth Foundation and the Vocational Education Training Authority (VETA), Aramex introduced a project empowering the youth in Tanzania through internships for individuals between the age of 19 to 25 years.
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     Climbing for Hope: Andes 2014 - Story  

"Climbing for Hope" is my endeavour to promote and raise funds for children-based institutions in the Middle East, while at the same time promoting the sport of mountaineering and the values it represents - strength, determination, drive, resilience, humility, foresight, courage, and respect. This is the fourth season I team up with ARAMEX, and the second time I choose the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon, an institution that I believe does incredibly valuable work for the children of our region. I have two young ones myself and am completely taken by the innocence and wonder that is childhood - and I cannot allow any disease to rob our precious ones of this, if I can. And ARAMEX has made this possible.
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     UAE-based entrepreneurs step into the spotlight  

Long outshone by start-up founders from places such as Silicon Valley, some entrepreneurs working in the UAE are now being recognised for their influence across the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region. Next Tuesday in New York City, the former US president Bill Clinton is set to host
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     Aramex Annual report 2013  

Aramex’s Integrated Annual Report, focuses on our financial and non-financial performance, highlighting how sustainability is embedded into the core of our business, from strategy through to execution, helping
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