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  Sustainability Report - Aramex Annual report 2014  
    Aramex Annual Report 2014    
This is Aramex’s 5th Integrated and 9th Sustainability Annual Report , The report focuses on our financial and non-financial performance, highlights our sustainability strategy and commitments. This report also includes Aramex’s Carbon Footprint Report, presenting our readers with a holistic review of our company’s environmental performance. The report complies with UAE regulations and is in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (G-4) –Comprehensive guidelines
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     Breaking Barriers to Scale for Arab Entrepreneurs  

The world needs to create 600 million jobs in the coming six years.[1] With high numbers of young people experiencing long term unemployment, it is evident, as Jim Clifton of Gallup puts it, that the ‘coming jobs war’ is for a good job. Perhaps not surprising are the staggering numbers coming out of
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     Mix N’ Mentor Roadshow  

Aramex partnered with Wamda on the 2014 Mix N’ Mentor Roadshow
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     InfoFort Saudi Arabia & HADAF fund to empower youth through information ...  

InfoGrow objective is to empower youth through information-based skills that enable them to develop their skills to join the workforce and ultimately become self-sufficient
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     Banati Egypt & InfoFort joining hands to optimizing records storage & ma...  

InfoFort in conjunction with the Banati Foundation in Egypt aims to support the management of children’s annual records and files from the ages of one to eighteen by digitizing their files & designing a search tool to retrieve the data properly.
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     Aramex Tanzania  

Every child has the right to #education.
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     Aramex Mashreq ISO certification in 2013  

We are happy to announce that our colleagues at AMC station have recently been audited and certified against the following ISO standards
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     InfoFort & Al Aytam Foundation Saudi Arabia joining hands  

InfoFort in collaboration with Al Aytam Foundation KSA, earlier this year introduced a training program to help empower youth living in marginalized communities. As part of the program, four young men received comprehensive electronic records management training
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     Aramex Annual report 2013  

Aramex’s Integrated Annual Report, focuses on our financial and non-financial performance, highlighting how sustainability is embedded into the core of our business, from strategy through to execution, helping
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     Aramex SA Skills Development / Corporate Social Investment Collaboration...  

Earlier this year, Aramex South Africa entered into a partnership with Rays of Hope a non-profit organization from Alexandra aiming to creating jobs opportunities for their young residents. This initiative aims at supporting individuals by providing an opportunity and educating them through leadersh
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